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ElitePlus™ Fescue

480 sq. ft. pallet
$365.00 per pallet
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Looking for a great way to improve your yard in Fresno, California? Check out our ElitePlus™ Fescue Sod! This sod is perfect for anyone who wants a lush, green yard that is resistant to wear and tear. It is also drought tolerant, so you don't have to worry about watering it constantly and because it is shade tolerant, it is perfect for yards that don't get a lot of sun. If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy lawn, ElitePlus™ Fescue is the way to go!

Please note:

This product needs to be ordered 3-4 days before the desired delivery date.

We do not guarantee times of arrival, but ensure the sod will arrive on the date that is scheduled.

We currently do not deliver on Sundays.